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...currently working on putting up all upcoming, current and recent projects. For now, here's Aggroprolypse from 2017:

Excerpt from stage production 'Aggroprolypse' by internil which was produced for the Monologfestival 2016 at the Theaterdiscounter Berlin. Invited to the Impulse Festival 2017 in Köln 'Aggroprolypse' was part of 'Drei Monologe _ She She Pop | internil | Gintersdorfer/Klaßen'.

Impulse about Drei Monologe: "Monologues now have bad name in our dialogue-orientated society. However, in a monologue a voice assumes authority and reveals an attitude towards its opposite number, the audience, the community. Three clear positions – created as part of the Berlin Monologue festival 2016 – in dialogue with each other."

Impulse about Aggroprolypse: "The digital space also provides hotbeds for propaganda, political pornography and boundless prophecies. In YouTube channels and on Facebook Live monologues become selfies of the eternal awakening. Using the form of an online sermon, the Berlin theater company internil re-enacts post-political declarations of faith."

Performance Marina Miller Dessau
Clickbait Arne Vogelgesang
Sound Christopher Böhm

Disclaimer: the content of the speech does not represent my political position.
Showreel Film:




Theater Studies at Mozarteum Salzburg 03-07

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