I’m happy to announce that my first publication is out:

2024 published with DeGruyter: GOG/MAGOG. A Disinformation Campaign (p.877-912)

The essay-like contribution is part of the larger collection of publications which is called Gog and Magog. Contributions toward a World History of an Apocalyptic Motif. Edited by Georges Tamer , Andrew Mein and Lutz Greisiger.

In the text I write about our performance series which was crafted and performed between 2016-2019. The images in the publication are by Nils Bröer. More info & credits for the actual performance series on the Gog/Magog website.

GOG/MAGOG. A Disinformation Campaign Figure 1: Performers sit in front of a Gog and Magog-video projection – during rehearsals for GOG/MAGOG 1: Ukraine. Video still in background of painting by Albrecht Altdorfer The Victory of Charlemagne over the Avars near Regensburg (1518). © Nils Bröer.

…aaaaaaaaand: current favorite from research session No.8 from „OBEs of a Separated Ensemble“ in 2023 during Research Stipend: Virtual Bodies (Dessau / Vogelgesang / Wagner) @FWT Köln/ Fonds Darstellende Künste

Luciana Arcuri, Marina Dessau, Sara Spennemann viewpointing the kitchen debate during reserach. Music: Nikola Jeremic